Identify Real Threats

Cyber Threat Scan

This scan is non-intrusive and won't show up on any security radars. This activity is already occurring right now by millions of hackers and potential customer sizing your cyber security risk posture now.

Team of technicians using digital cable analyser on servers in large data center

Need clarification?

What will the scan contain?

We search through many public record systems and review public domain configurations. The goal is to provide an overall view of your public security posture. 

Will scanning cause an outage?

No - Scanning is done against public databases where your data already exists. Millions of bots scan your domains and networks hourly. They resell this information to the highest bidder. 

Can this scan hurt my compliance?

This data is only shared with you for educational purposes. We do offer Mutual Non-Disclosure Agreements (MNDA) if you would like to request one.