MXDR, MSSP & Cyber Security Advisory

Whether assessing cyber maturity, exposures, data handlers, protecting executive digital identities or initiating threat intelligence monitoring, Our cyber advisors will proactively screen for vulnerabilities originating from internal human error or malicious actors.  


CyAlly Cyber Security Lifecycle

Check Point CISO and CyAlly CEO Fireside


What our customers say

“Our clients get strong security and technology support thanks to CyAlly.”

“SEO is hard when teams block everything. Our marketing and brand protection is stronger because of CyAlly.”

“We had 8 security agents and multiple portals. Now we have 2 agents and single view into all cyber alarms. Many thanks for CyAlly for their knowledge on many of the tools we were using.”

CMMC Assessment

We can assist if your organization has an existing System Security Plan (SSP) self-assessed against NIST SP 800-171 or starting from scratch, our advisory team will ensure that you are prepared to demonstrate your compliance requirements associated with Federal Contract Information under FAR 52.204-31 and Controlled Unclassified Information (CUI) under DFARS 252.204-7012 and CMMC. 

MXDR and S.O.A.R. Capabilities

Extended Defense Solutions

CyAlly collects and automatically correlates data across multiple security layers – email, ident, endpoint, server, cloud workload, and network. This allows for faster detection of threats and improved investigation and response times through security analysis. We break down security silos using a holistic approach to detection and response. On average our clients obtain true security awareness within 14 days of service. Click "Let's Connect" to see why CyAlly is the fastest-growing soc as a service provider. 

Industry Leading Portfolio

Additional Service Offerings

Third Party Risk (TPRM)

Third party risk management as a service is effective for cost and risk reduction. Our services enable clients to understand their vendor/partner portfolios for cyber and supply chain risk. This also includes procurement support for CapEx cyber portfolio reduction for defense in depth systems.

Penetration Testing (PeNaaS)

Get penetration testing as a service and reach a new maturity in vulnerability management. Enabling you to meet continuous compliance with application and infrastructure through CI/CD practices. Our service includes SaST, DaST and Exploit Testing. We also support Chaos Engineering and simulated DDoS exercises.

Governance and Compliance

Maintaining annual compliance obligations can be expensive and difficult. Our advisory team can assist you with artifact discovery and mitigation to existing findings. We can also assist with pre-assessments prior to getting certified.

Incident Response

CyAlly has decades of incident response experience and domain knowledge in: forensic analysis, threat hunting, malware analysis and reverse engineering, new system vulnerabilities, SIEM/SOC management, and more. We also offer retainer services in the event your breached and don’t have time to waste on contract process delays.


Mint-Technologies wanted to provide their client enterprise security without increased MSP costs to clients. 


CyAlly review Mint-Technologies defense strategies and enabled new capabilities with existing technologies. 


Client's of Mint-Technology get CIS Hardened and Enterprise Grade XDR Malware tools. Reducing their threat landscape and maturity within weeks of onboarding. 


For years, Logoipsum manually tracked marketing metrics using Excel, Google sheets, and complex macros


For years, Logoipsum manually tracked marketing metrics using Excel, Google sheets, and complex macros


For years, Logoipsum manually tracked marketing metrics using Excel, Google sheets, and complex macros