Managed Detection & Response



Solution Overview

CyAlly offers a comprehensive solution for companies looking to fully outsource their cyber security needs. From email security to endpoint defense, monitoring, and incident response, we've got you covered. 

To kick off your journey with CyAlly Managed Detection & Response (MDR), take advantage of our complimentary 14 day trial. Through this process, we will pinpoint the necessary integrations, endpoints, policies, and storage requirements to seamlessly launch our services globally. 

  • Included Features
    • Incident Response
    • Virtual CISO Services
    • Managed Cyber Security Tools
    • Incident Response Playbooks
    • Security Architecture Support
    • Policy and Compliance Templates

24/7 Monitoring



Syslog | API


Detect | Respond | Mitigate
Focuses on endpoints like laptops, desktops and servers.
Extends beyond endpoints to network, cloud and email security offering a more holistic approach.
No Capability
Service that provides threat detection and response across various platforms but managed by CyAlly.
Most Providers use XDR
Limited to Endpoint Mostly
Usually handled by the IT or security team of the company itself.
Designed for management within the company but it also lets you connect more protection tools.
No Capability
Outsourced in whole or in part to a third-party provider, which means that little to no control is needed in-house.
Most Providers use XDR
Limited to Endpoint Mostly
Works with desktop security tools that are already in use.
Integrates with more security systems and tools to give you a fuller picture.
No Capability
Limited to Endpoint Mostly
Depends on the tools and connections offered by the service provider, which may be very different from one provider to the next.
Most Providers use XDR
Limited to Endpoint Mostly
Focuses on finding problems with them at the endpoint level.
Allows for detection and reaction across a larger range of data sources, such as a network and the cloud.
No Capability
Limited to Endpoint Mostly
Outsources detection and response, using the knowledge and technology of the service provider to find threats across the IT system.
Most Providers use XDR
Limited to Endpoint Mostly
It is up to the company to keep an eye on endpoints, find threats and take action against them. N/A
The company handles the detection and response across all of its IT environments. N/A
The service provider is in charge of keeping an eye on threat, findings them and reacting to them. They often offer threat hunting.




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